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Nov 8, 2012 2:35am EST
in greece over budget cuts and word that europe's strongest economy germany is in trouble. but quickly investors turned back to our looming problem, the road we are on to the so-called fiscal cliff at the end of the year. $650 billion of combined spending cuts and tax cuts expiring automatically. wall street selloff led to a loss of $300 billion in market value wednesday alone. however, just after close of trading wednesday, greece did pass its austerity measures so markets should be tempered a bit. when it comes to the future we can't expect uncertainty as the fiscal cliff looms ahead. >> coming up, advice on sorting out some of the hottest new options in tablets and touch screen computers. >> would you believe tab tops, >>> and welcome back to "world news now." we are pleased to have with us tech editor joanna stern. joanna will tell us about five crazy computers that run microsoft's new windows 8. crazy in a good way. >> crazien a great way. i am telling you they're crazy. >> not like us in a crazy way. >> not mentally insane. >> what are we starting with? >> windows 8 for tablets,
Nov 9, 2012 2:35am EST
is the wrong prescription given where our economy is. >> is it on the table to talk about? >> i made clear. >> wealthier americans pitch in here. >> raising tax rates is unacceptable. and frankly it couldn't even pass the house. putting increased revenues on the table, but through reforming our tax code, and i would do that if the president were serious about solving our spending problem and trying to secure our entitlement programs. i am confident that he and i can find the common ground necessary. >> that common ground may be tough to find because the president has already said he would veto any deal that does not allow tax cuts for the rich to expire. boehner says republicans would introduce new tax revenue as they work toward a deal. >>> the bean counters on capitol hill are out with analysis of what could happen if we do go over the fiscal cliff. the congressional budget office says lack of a deal would plunge the economy back into a recession. and it says the unemployment rate would likely rise over 9%. >>> after more ballot counting yesterday, washington has become the third state t
Nov 9, 2012 1:40am PST
'll make a statement from the white house about his plan to spur the economy and reduce the nation's deficit. meanwhile house speaker john boehner has already signaling his willingness to hammer out a budget deal in an exclusive interview with abc's diane sayer, boehner made it clear that he's not open to raising taxes, but he did express confidence he and the president could find some common ground. >>> sources tell abc news that talks are under way for a possible plea deal for congressman jesse jackson jr. the illinois democrat is currently being treated at the mayo clinic for bipolar disorder. the fbi is investigating jackson for improperly using campaign funds for personal purchases, potentially furniture at his home, but he coasted to victory tuesday, retaining his congressional seat, despite virtually no presence on the campaign trail. the only involvement, a robo call. had. voted since june 8. and missed every one of the 225 votes since. that goes to show his strong contingency there. >> absolutely. >>> a look at your friday forecast, a big storm in the rockies with blizzard
Nov 15, 2012 2:35am EST
, direction of the economy poll numbers were up, overall direction of the country was, a bigger story than to say blacks, latinos, single women looking for contraception. got together to get the president back in. part of it. a big parting of it. not the only part of it. for a party that need to bring people back in, there is a pretty divisive things. >> yeah, somewhat surprising. but they ran on that. we need to really limit the entitlement programs. i think that is going to be a challenge to rein those in to bring down the national debt as well. he is obviously looking at it as a numbers game. and he is a numbers guy. >> after the 47% tape. thought the country learned some lessons about that. it's tough. still. the aftermath is always divisive, i guess. >> you also have donors that just basically gave $900 million to a campaign they thought they were going to win. what happened? >> they can't be happy. for sure. >> when we come back, time for the thursday morning, skinny. three simple words. >> sexiest man alive -- the big list is out. "the skinny" is coming up next. stay with us. ♪ sk
Nov 13, 2012 1:40am PST
news for the french economy and bubbly lovers everywhere. heartbreaking news with new year's a few weeks away. people like a little bubbly on the 31st. do you like champagne? >> oui, oui-oui. >> oui-oui? [ speaking french ] i like some champagne. >> impressed. paula, very nice. au revoir. >> that's the extent of it. [ speaking french ] >> means shut your mouth, please. >> i'll be quiet. >> i should tell that to myself. >>> and then it's that time of year, fall fix-up and clean-up. we're going to have some of the best gadgets to help you get the job done. >> what job would that be? >> cleaning up. >> we begin with the major development in the unfolding scandal surrounding david petraeus. general john allen who's the top military commander of nato forces in afghanistan, well, he's now being investigated by the pentagon for sending inappropriate e-mails to the whistleblower in this case, jill kelly, the woman in tampa. >> she's the woman featured right there in the black dress. we're told investigators are poring over up to 30,000 documents related to the case. she, jill kelly, the fl
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)